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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Professional Aluminum Worker

Job Position: Professional Aluminum Worker
Job Description: Al Handseia Metal Doors & Windows IND. Co.LLC - Dubai - Aluminium WorkerDescription: An aluminium worker makes aluminium products, such as door and window frames, conservatories, boats and trailers. Tasks and Duties: study drawings and plans for the required items select, mark and cut the aluminium to size screw or weld aluminium pieces together arrange the delivery of the finished or assembled product repair and maintain aluminium products may install the finished product. Skills Skills: Aluminium workers need welding skills and the ability to work with metal. They also need an eye for detail, problem-solving skills, practical skills and the ability to make calculations. Knowledge: Aluminium workers need to know about the different thicknesses and grades of aluminium and methods of working with aluminium, such as cutting, welding, bolting and folding. They must also know how to read plans and computer aided design (CAD) drawings, and must also keep themselves up to date with current product trends and designs. Personal Qual... - Permanent - Full-time
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Apply here: http://jobviewtrack.com/en-ae/job-121c415a4216040b5576410f1d0c0709104d76181b1c4c4e4e5e440b010f4b7511515b505856/814d5e5fa97264958b0e32f2f253747f.html?affid=320c3f3c1fb8a98be2ec7d7d3a46de5b

Note: This advertisement for Professional Aluminum Worker maybe valid for one month from the date it was posted, so don't miss the chance and apply now!

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